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Learn to Read with Easy Readers

Find books for your new reader. We break out Easy Reader books into four levels, coordinated by color. When browsing at the library, look for the color dots. When browsing online, use our quick-links below or in the children's browse categories

Starting Out (Blue)

Books at this level have:
  • few words
  • simple concepts
  • mostly pictures
Blue Dot Books

Building Skills (Green)

Books at this level have:
  • simple vocabulary
  • pictures on every page
  • 1-2 sentences per page
Green Dot Books

Reading More (Yellow)

Books at this level have:
  • more complex plots
  • fewer and smaller pictures
  • 3-7 sentences per page
Yellow Dot Books

Ready to Explore (Orange)

Books at this level have:
  • richer vocabulary
  • few or no pictures
  • 8+ sentences per page
Orange Dot Books

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