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As we round the corner to our virtual opening on August 18, we're capping off our Nashville Voices series with one last story—a powerful testimonial from a powerful woman.

Born and raised in Nashville, Ms. Pearl was never far from someone with a green thumb. But as the fifth born of ten children, only the front yard was reserved for Ida’s horticultural eye.

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When Lizina is rejected by her mother (who much prefers Lizina’s older sister, Peppina), she goes to work in a house filled with cats. She finds great success there, so much so that her greedy sister decides to try her own luck with the cats. But which sister will live happily ever after?  

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During this episode Bill talks to novelist and screenwriter Stephen Geller, best known for writing the screenplay for Slaughterhouse Five. Mr. Geller discusses writing his script based on the legendary Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. novel, his unfulfilled movie project (vampire alert!), and how he really feels about the cult movie Pretty Poison, based on his novel She Let Him Continue.

To all of you out there "adulting" - spending time reading a children's picture book can be a delightful way to focus your thoughts while you appreciate some art and gain unexpected nuggets of wisdom.

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When a man’s dead wife is restored to him, can he obey the one rule that will return her to him forever? Find out in this tale from the Iroquois.  

Vaccines have worked to stop the spread of serious diseases in recent history. All eyes are on the race to develop one for the virus that causes COVID-19.