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A princess has spent her entire life in an underground palace, and now that she is of marriageable age, the king has set a challenge: find the princess, and you shall marry her. Try and fail, and you lose your life. Is this clever young man clever enough to outwit the king?  

Andrea and Tasneem insist that Blackness is not about burden but excellence, victory and celebration. But you tell us: What do you love about black culture, black identity and black lives?

Film is a great medium for kids to use to explore their own creativity and to put to work their problem solving skills. Entrenched in both the arts and sciences, film ingratiates all of the STEAM fields in a playful and engaging way. From storyboarding to special effects, learn how Homeschool Friends is helping kids get inspired through the art of filmmaking.


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In this Icelandic tale, a princess must avoid a forced marriage to a giant, and outwit a witch and that giant’s ghost so she can save her beloved foster brother from living half his life as a lion!