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Find early literacy tips and children's books on the Children's Blog. Discover your next great read on the Books Movies Music Blog. Dig into Nashville history with the Community History Blog. Listen to stories, history, and culture on NPL Podcasts. Please see this Note for Readers.

bdsm 101 by rev jen

In BDSM 101 Rev Jen speaks frankly about sex and sex work, and her sexual encounters with partners and clients. The book functions as a how-to, and a biography on Rev Jen’s time as a pro-sub, and her life as a "consummate perv."


In this episode, Program Coordinator for the Archives, Sarah Arntz officially joins the podcast team with Ken to interview native Nashvillian, John Zuccarello, about growing up in the Music City, its plentiful history with baseball, his research work with the local cemeteries, and various other Nashville-related topics. 

Family Folktales logo

Two brothers, identical twins, have grown tired of being mistaken for each other, so they set off in different directions to seek their fortunes. But there comes a time in their journeys when the brothers find their similar appearance to be helpful. Wondering how? Listen and find out!

Cover of Bravo!: Poems About Brave Hispanics by Margarite Engle

During Hispanic Heritage Month we intentionally recognize the many contributions made by persons of Latin American, Hispanic, and Latina/o descent to every part of U.S. American life. Check out these picture book biographies about Hispanic and Latino trailblazers, strivers, and justice seekers. 

Unknown Green Hills home

One of the many services Metro Archives offers is property research, which can be a complicated process, so this blog post is here to provide some clarity of what's involved and how you can start the research on your own! And no, we can't tell you if your home is haunted, sorry.