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Current Podcasts

Truth B Told: Conversations About Culture and Power

Andrea Blackman and Tasneem Grace discuss contemporary social justice, identity, race, gender, motherhood, womanhood and humanity. Andrea and Tasneem believe good talks, good questions and curiosity are the foundation for social change. They also believe that recognizing the many shades of truth is the root of cultural awareness and connection.

Just Listen Podcast

A podcast of short stories and poetry readings.

Family Folktales

What is Family Folktales? Think of it as story time on demand. Whether you're running errands, trying to make dinner, or getting little someones ready for bed, you can listen to a story or two. The stories may be new to you or old favorites. They may even be different, possibly gorier, versions of those stories you now share with your children. Listen, wherever you get podcasts.

Back in the Day

Back in the Day Podcast is a series of interviews with historians, related to Tennessee and Middle Tennessee history. It's produced by Metropolitan Archives of Nashville & Davidson County. 

Retired Podcasts

The Popmatic Podcast

The Popmatic Podcast is where you can rock out with your library card out. Librarians at Nashville Public Library tell you about the best books, movies and music. It’s like TV Guide but for people who are too smart for their own good.

Legends of Film Podcast

Bill interviews Hollywood legends. Directors, screenwriters, and actors come by to share their experiences on notable films. This behind-the-scenes series features the greats as you have never heard before. Listen, then see their work screened at the Nashville Public Library during the Movies at Main series.